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Eyelash Extensions: The Fastest Growing Beauty Service

There is no better time than now to invest in your future as a Eyelash Artist. Eyelash Extensions have become one of the fastest growing beauty services. Lets look at the financial gain of owning your own Eyelash Extension business.

If you do 4 sets of lashes per week at $150 per set you're making $2400 per month. But why would you only do 4 sets per week? The reason you get your lash training is to become confident in the Lashed by Lisa method, and then just use it over and over again. So if you started doing 8 sets per week, your now making $4800 per month!

You don't need to have a fancy lash bar. Our most successful lash artist work from home or have a boutique studio. Nor do you need expensive marketing tactics like fancy branding and paid advertising.

In the Lashed by Lisa Workshop you will not only receive a certificate and essentials kit to start your own business, but we will cover how to get clients and keep them. Email Lashed by Lisa for more details on pricing and dates.

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