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Where Do Your Lash Clients Come From?

In the 3 years I have been a Eyelash Artist in Arlington, TX, I have never had all my clients come from one area. They come from all over the Dallas-Fort Worth Area! Arlington, TX is situated between Dallas and Forth Worth. I have clients that drive from Mesquite,TX which is about 40 minutes East or Crowley, TX which is about 30 minutes West. The majority of my Eyelash Extension clients come from the following: Grand Prairie TX, Mansfield TX, Euless TX, Irving TX, De Soto TX, Cedar Hill TX and Duncanville TX, Dallas TX and Fort Worth TX. When I have asked clients how far they have traveled, they say your work is worth it. When advertising my business I never leave an area out. No matter where my clients come from, I am always appreciative of their business.

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Mark Brown
May 13, 2022

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